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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Interesting readings,%20Chapter%201.pdf

Lots of short topics listed here:

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Real estate market in India

Discussions & articles I came across on the topic - Real estate market in India.

Interesting comparision

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Thursday, May 3, 2007


- Keep looking for great companies.
- Keep a list of stocks you would love to buy if you hit a Jackpot. And keep it updated.
- Buy the stocks in your list when it is below the intrinsic value. Market panic selloffs due to reasons which does not affect the company are good times to buy.
- Dont invest in too many companies.

One stock:
- Read/Study all possible things about the company.
- Buy only if the company passes your selection process & current price offers a 'margin of safety'.
- Buy it over a period of time (cost averaging).

- Analize your stocks at a regular interval (6 months) to make sure that the reasons for which you invested in the company is still valid.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Investments (*)

Company Name Avg Pur Price(Rs)Lowest Pur Price(Rs)Current Price(Rs)
Jindal Steel and Power Ltd. 11504872994
Reliance Industries 6052801626
Infosys 10225452081
Federal Bank 9393241

* Split adjusted

New Additions (Last 3-4 Months)
Bhagiradha Chemicals
GE Shipping
Tata Investment Corp
Sesa Goa
Tata Steel
Allianz Securities

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Useful Resources

Portfolio Management:
I was using ICICI Direct ( for my portfolio management which comes as part of the account. And it lack even the basic functionality. It is really poor for portfolio managment and tracking.

Recently I came across 's portfolio management, it is free and its great!! I love it. Also, they provide a consolidated view of all the news, messages related to the companies in portfolio.

Yahoo India finance's ( charting is good. They provide easy charting, comparision to sensex and upto 3 companies in same chart. also have easy charting, but offer no comparision.

Research & Analisys:
Quots & ratios from moneycontrol and icicidirect.
Economictimes also provides helps.

Stock Screening: provides couple of predefined stock screenings and a basic custom screening tool.

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Buffet Readings..

Morning Star Article:
Good Article on Investment Style of Buffet.

Buffet Quotes:

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Welcome to Value Investment Blog!!

Forum for Investor Education and to discuss investment ideas for share market with a long-term view.

Welcome to share your ideas!!Please do your own research before investing in any stocks mentioned in this blog. Use this blog as a medium to identify potential companies to do own research and invest.

Thank You!!

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