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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Launching NAV to track performance.

To help with tracking the performance of the portfolio, I am planning to use NAV (net asset value). The calculation is simple and the details and an example can be seen at This helps me to track the performance more closely and accurately.

Date of Launch: August 14, 2007
Initial Price: Rs. 100/-

The portfolio and share price calculations is based on the complete portfolio value which includes value of securities & cash holdings.

The latest NAV information can be viewed in the sidebar.

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Investment Opportunities

I believe Insurance industry in India could see tremendous growth in future.

With privatization of insurance, different insurance products are becoming popular. And there is a market for wide variety of insurance products. With the cost of medical care (especially for advanced medical care) there could be a lot of demand for insurance products. We are already seeing the push from companies which are selling these insurances. Many of the companies now offer medical insurance for their employees and families. Once the hospitals are equipped to use the systems this could become even more popular. I think investments in companies which manages the risks correctly, is a good investment opportunity.

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